Kame House Party - A Dragon Ball Comedy Podcast

030 - Dragon Ball - Wedding Plans?

February 28, 2017

The Ox King prepares his daughter to be a child bride and Shu wears a fetish mask. There's a reason we talked about this episode for so long.

Topics of discussion include: The Sandlot, Mr. Robot but with Bulma, what's in the boss' lap, Irish gangsters, the toughness of abs, GPS, Pilaf's bad investment, fast ass birds, possible cosplays, fortune telling, excessive force, the devil king, pronunciation, and Pilaf's crush.

We also perform a word-for-word re-enact of Antz (1998) and Aaron issues a net challenge to you, the listener.

Music by 8-Bit Suicide www.8bitsuicide.com/

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