Kame House Party - A Dragon Ball Comedy Podcast

KHP Pregame - 002 - Not Talking Just Shooting

October 25, 2016

In this sorta heavy Pregame we gush about the greatness that is Luke Cage on Netflix. Spoiler warning? None needed.

Topics of discussion include: laughter weather, being a basic anime, John Wick, film criticism, how acting works, the epidemy of ignorance, call backs, massive assumed spoilers for Game of Thrones, and the most 90's thing that Aaron ever did.

We also create a regrettable character, audition to be wacky morning DJ's, and Aaron makes a Dragon Ball Z promise.

The very cool and very listenable podcasts mentioned in the show: The Soapbox Office Podcast: http://www.soapboxoffice.com/ The Broken Elevator: https://brokenelevatorpod.wordpress.com/ Technical Difficulties Gaming Podcast: http://www.technicaldifficultiespod.com/

Opening/Closing Track: Classic Male Pregame – Lil Dicky www.lildicky.com/

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